Joakim Karlsson
CEO, Envac Group

A landmark year for Envac as we took steps in 2022 to manage global uncertainties and ensure our business can continue to deliver waste collection systems that improve the quality of life for people today and secure a greener planet for future generations. Our world is rapidly changing, and we must learn to live with the new normal.

What is sustainability to Envac?

We offer automated waste collection solutions worldwide that create value for customers and various broader sustainability benefits for society. Our system reduces carbon emissions, improves the quality of life for residents, increases recycling rates, and saves space used to create additional value in the community including hospitals. In healthcare, waste handling comes with high risks. Envac solutions can provide a safe, hygienic and innovative solution for waste, linen and infectious waste that contributes to the hospital’s top priorities with increased patient safety, working environment and efficiency. With the growing urbanisation, we need to rethink about sustainable urban development and how we must ensure that our system reduces the burden of the climate crisis on our planet.

How does Envac emphasise this commitment?

Our solution involves innovating waste collection and continuously developing our offering through R&D and close customer collaboration including facilitating hospital logistics. Modernisation is a fundamental foundation for sustainability, where we can use machine learning and AI to optimise the best of our solution.

What are the major sustainable milestones for Envac in 2022?

In 2022, we implemented a global information system to collect all the essential sustainability data throughout our business. The data further contribute to analysing gaps and creating necessary action plans. Another step forward is our new business market in North America. Envac acquired Precision AirConvey (PAC) specialising in industrial waste removal solutions. Drawing on resources and professional experience from our global network, Envac North America aims to assist hospitals, residential communities, cities and others in realising their visions of progress and transformation to further contribute towards improving waste and sustainability standards in North America. Looking at Envac’s digital transformation, I am confident we will revolutionise the user journey with the Envac ReFlow app and our digital automation platform.

Do you see any challenges in the way?

We educate and drive interest among decision-makers to understand the benefits of sustainable urban development offered by automated waste collection. Smart cities are the future of modern living, and digital transformation is necessary. We have modernised from fax to mobile phones, carriages to cars, but why limit our efforts in the waste collection? As technology advances, many sectors have undergone significant digital transformations. We must ensure to keep pace with modernisation in the waste sector.

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