Our approach to responsible business is the foundation of our sustainability work, and we aim to be a sustainable business partner by conducting business responsibly and working with our three business responsibility areas.

Business responsibility isn't a particular programme, it's what we do every day, maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact.

Working conditions

We promote good working conditions for everyone impacted by our solution and operations.

Fair & ethical business

Business partners, including suppliers and customers, are crucial to our ability to run a fair and ethical business.

Diversity & inclusion

A more diverse and inclusive organisation drives innovation and makes us better adapted for long-term success.

Occupational health & safety

Manual handling is one of the most common root causes of injuries in the waste collection industry. According to the yearly report from UK Riddor, between the years 2017/18 and 2021/22, 39% of non-fatal injuries leading to more than seven days of absence were due to handling, lifting or carrying waste; for the private sector, it was 27%.

Envacs automated waste collection minimises and often eliminates the need for manual handling

Envac system for hospitals creates a more sanitary environment while reducing operational costs

Our solutions in hospitals collect waste and linen to be handled efficiently in a closed system. Therefore, the risk of spreading diseases is reduced and improves the safety of patients and hospital staff.

With the infectious waste solution, the waste is handled in a sealed environment and is neutralised in the facility using safe methods. After the treatment, the waste can be handled as normal waste.

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(+2% improvement from 2021)

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(3 points better than 2021)

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How we do it

We have safety for our workers at the top of our agenda. Our management team worldwide starts every meeting with OHS and looks at relevant KPIs to take necessary decisions and action.
In 2022 we did major updates to our Global Occupational Health & Safety policy and clarified our expectations for the different regions to fulfil.

Long Term Target

Zero accidents

Short Term Target

Zero Lost Time Injury Rate

Note 1: For the year 2018 to 2021, the data is collected from North Europe & Spain
Note 2: Critical accident refers to more than 30 days leave of absence from work and serious medical/physical ailment

Envac Korea is recognised as a family-friendly business

In 2022 The Korea Institute for Healthy Family certified Envac Korea as a company creating a family-friendly organisation.
The certification recognises that Envac provides the following:
Flexible working hours
Promote a good work-life balance
Have initiatives leading to opportunities to shorten working hours for employees

US Safety Committee promotes good safety performance

The Envac Safety Committee in the US meets monthly to discuss ‘near misses’ and identifies, investigates and pursues improvement opportunities.
The committee also reports at company-wide meetings and shares safety experience with the entire workforce, and organises interactive sessions with external safety experts.

Promoting safety in Korea

In 2022, Envac Korea created an Occupational Health & Safety management team to provide new pre-emptive safety measures for protecting its workers.
The team has regular project site safety visits and meetings and provides safety training.


Operating a fair and ethical business is crucial to Envac’s reputation and success. Business partners, including suppliers and customers, are essential to our ability to run a fair and ethical business.

Target 2023

100% employees trained in code of conduct


50% employees trained in code of conduct

Target 2023

100% key suppliers signed our code of conduct

progress 2022

50% key suppliers signed our code of conduct

Independent third-party whistleblowing system for internal and external stakeholders implemented in 2022

The system is in line with EU regulations and guarantees anonymity for the reporter. Any external stakeholder can reach the system through our website.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are working to promote equality and inclusion among all our employees worldwide.

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The Evolution of Marketing Communication

As businesses become more aware of their impact on the environment, Envac is taking steps to incorporate sustainability into our marketing communication strategy. By adopting sustainable practices, Envac can reduce its carbon footprint and influence customers who are increasingly concerned about the environment. We work with sustainability at every step in our communication. We do not promote printing our communication material. Instead, all media and content are shared digitally. Another way we are incorporating sustainability into marketing communication is by highlighting our system’s environmental benefits, such as energy efficiency, reduced traffic and CO2 emissions. We invest in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) assessments and do research and white papers to show proven results with our solutions. By sharing customer success stories and offering educational visits, we influence and educate potential decision-makers in choosing a long-lasting, sustainable option. Through partnerships with organisations such as Viable Cities and Greenovation Stockholm, we promote sustainability and safe waste management to a broader audience and encourage others to adopt sustainable practices. We believe in educating and inspiring people to change for the better and use our external channels by proactively sharing updates on sustainable practices such as waste sorting and recycling. We ensure the sustainability of our system through research, data, and over six decades of experience, which prove the positive impact of our system. With modernisation, we have new opportunities to improve life for everyone. As a result, we have a significant responsibility to conduct ourselves responsibly and take pride in our solutions. Additionally, we prioritise transparent communication with our clients and end-users.

– Sara Arrhenius, Chief Marketing Officer, is at the forefront of the digital customer journey

In 2022 we developed a new Global Diversity & Inclusion Policy. In 2023 we have identified two focused actions within Diversity & Inclusion


  • In 2022, we hired two people with disabilities as part of an initiative with the Korea Employment Agency for persons with disabilities.
  • Hiring people with disabilities is in line with our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and not discriminating against certain groups of people.
  • To promote diversity and inclusion, Envac North America proactively engages with vendors that women, veterans and minorities own.
  • In a recent project, we allocated 16% of our partner dollars towards such businesses.
  • We also prioritise inclusion in our hiring practices.

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